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Heat and cool your home or business appropriately

With geothermal heat exchangers, you'll be able to use the energy stored in the earth to provide your home with the heating and cooling services it needs. You'll not only benefit your wallet with this method of drilling, but also the environment!


Call us today and learn how you can save yourself money by choosing to use a geothermal heat exchanger.

Two different types of heat exchangers for your home

With Associated Drilling, Inc. you'll be able to either have a closed loop system or an open loop system installed on your property. Closed loop systems include a series of pipes that form a continuous loop while the open loop system consists of two water wells.

Why should you choose geothermal drilling?

 •  Saves energy costs

 •  Offers low maintenance

 •  Provides more value to your home

 •  Tax incentives for using green energy

 •  Lessen carbon emission